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 The Dimasa language (also known as Grao-Dima) belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language family spoken by the Dimasa people in the Northeastern Indian state of Assam, Nagaland. In today's lesson, we will learn useful Dimasa phrases and words with their pronunciation in English. Generally, we use S+V+O in English grammar, but in the Dimasa, it is usually of the S+O+V type.

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55 Dimasa Sentences Used in Daily Life


  • I am going home.

Ang(S) noha(O) thangdu(V)

  • I am eating food.

Ang(S) makham(O) jidu(V)

  • I will go to school

Ang phoorikho ha thangma

Thus, the verb is rarely inflected for person and gender;

  • He/She is eating food.

Bo(S) makham(O) jidu(V)

  • They have gone home.

Bunshi(S) noha(O) thangkha(V)

The words we use frequently in daily life are exemplified below (55 Dimasa Sentences Used in Daily Life):

Dimasa Sentences Used in Daily Life

No. English Dimasa
1 What is your name? Nini bumu nadi?
2 My name is Shyamal Ani bumu Shyamal
3 Where are you from? Ning barani?
4 I am from Hojai Ang Hojai ni
5 Which class do you read in? Ning bili ha phooridu?
6 I am studying in class 8 Ang class 8 ha phooridu
7 Did you have food? Ning makham jikha
8 What are you doing? Nadi klyba ning
9 How are you? Ning bedehe jahi dong?
10 I am fine Ang hamhining dong
11 Where are you now? Ning duha baraha dong?
12 Did you buy the book? Nadi ning laisi braikha na?
13 When did you come? Ning bakhali phaima?
14 Are you coming? Ning phaidu?
15 Who are you? Ning sere?
16 I am John Doe Ang Amkadao
17 How old are you? Nini maithai bilai jakha?
18 I am 15 years old Ani maithai Mazibuah jakha
19 Where are you going? Baraha thangma?
20 I will go to the market Hathai ha thangnang ko
21 I did not see Ang naiba giri
22 Donham did not eat Donham jiba giri
23 You did not go to school Ning phoorikho ha giri
24 He did not come Bo phaiba giri
25 I did not know Ang mithiba giri
26 You're so beatiful Ning kabaning majangbi
27 You are my life Ning ning ani habasao
28 I love you Ang ning khe hamjaodu
29 I am hungry Ang makham hukhrika
30 I want to go out Ang baijiha thangma mo
31 I like mango Ang thaiju hamjaobi
32 This ice cream is very nice Ebu ice cream kabaning majangbi
33 I am feeling sleepy Ang mudri phaidu
34 Its very cold today Dini de kabaning magainbi
35 You are too late Ning kabaning deri jakha
36 What if i don't come? Ang phaiya ti khala nadi jaba?
37 I will never talk to you Ang ning jang bakhaliba bo senglaiya kha
38 I will try to come early Ang hanganing phaima ni naima
39 Reach on time Bubli ha sophai
40 Tell me when to go Angkhe ti bakhali thangma
41 Take rest here tonight Dini hor hade ebaning laingo
42 You always make me cry Ning angkhe nalai bo garari re
43 What did you say? Nadi tiba ning?
44 I remember it well Ang ebukhe hamsi khelening kha dong
45 Do whatever you want Ning nadi khalaima khalaila
46 It's not her fault Ebu buni jathai niya
47 I am getting late Ang deri jadu
48 Believe me Angkhe kha mai
49 He spoiled my mood Bu ani khoro hamya rikha
50 I have a computer Aniha computer dong
51 I have not seen the Taj Mahal Ang Taj Mahal nuba giri ko
52 I am bathing Ang dugurdu
53 He is reading a book Bo laisi phooridu
54 I am laughing Ang minidu
55 She is weeping Bo garadu
56 Do you love me? Ning angkhe hamjaodu?
57 I love you Ang ningkhe hamjaodu
58 I miss you Ang ningkhe ramakha
58 Good morning Phorong majang
59 Good night Majang hor
60 Learn Dimasa language Grao-Dima sling

I hope you liked learning the Dimasa phrases and words.

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