Garo Sentences Used in Daily Life | Garo to English Translation

 Garo language referred to as A·chikku, belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language family spoken in the Indian states of Meghalaya and Assam.

Here we have adopted an objective and efficient approach to learning the Garo language easily with sentence meaning in English.

Garo language phrases
Example in Garo:

Who are you?

it's mean - Na.a sawa?

I am sorry.

Angko kema ka⋅pabo.

Garo Sentences Used in Daily Life

The Garo words we use frequently in daily life are exemplified below.

No. English Garo
1 Hi/Hello
2 What is your name? Nangko mai minga?
3 My name is Whyting Angko Whyting minga
4 How are you? Namengama?
5 I am fine Namengaba
6 Have a nice day Nang∙na namgipa sal ong∙china
7 Good morning Pringnam
8 Good night Walnam
9 Nice to meet you Nang∙ko grongna kusi ong∙a
10 Please, come here Ka∙sapae ianona re∙babo
11 Are you coming? Na∙a re∙baengama?
12 I am hungry Anga okkrienga
13 I am bored Anga aratenga
14 I am happy Anga katchaenga
15 Thank you very much Nang⋅ko mitelbejok
16 Thanks for helping me Angko dak⋅chakanina mitela
17 It's my mistake Angnin gualani ong⋅a
18 I am sorry Angko kema ka⋅pabo
19 Who are you? Na.a sawa?
20 Forgive me Angko kema ka-bo
21 I live in Meghalaya Ua Meghalayao songdonga
22 What are you doing? Na.a mai dakenga?
23 Will you wait for me? Na.a angko senggen ma?
24 I am eating food Anga mi cha enga
25 Where are going? Na a batchi re angna amenga?
26 Do you love me? Na.a angko masiama
27 I love you Anga nangna kasa
28 Where do you live? Na a bano donga?
29 I live in Garo Hill Anga Garo hillo donga
30 How old are you? Na.a baita bilsi ongjok?
31 I am 10 years old Anga bilsi chiking ongjok
32 Can you help me? Na.a angko dakchakna man genma?
33 Do you speak Garo language? Na.a Garo angina man ama?
34 Welcome Rimchaksoa
35 He ate an apple Bia apple cha.aha
36 He has eaten Bia chamanjok
37 What did you do? Na.a maiko daka?
38 Why did you come? Na.a maina reba.a?
39 How did you come? Na.a maidake reba.a?
40 How did you drive? Na.a maidake sal.a?
41 Which is your favourite color? Nang namnikgipa rong.ara mai.a?
42 Which story did you tell? Badiya golpo ko agana?
43 Which is the sweetest fruit? Badia bite chibata?
44 Can you give your pen? Na.a nang pen ko on.a mangenma?
45 Did you have lunch? Na.a mi chajokma?
46 I am going to market Anga antichi re.angenga
47 I need to buy some vegetables Anga samjakrangko brena nanga
48 Would you like to come with me? Na.aba ang baksa repagenma?
49 Let's go together Hai apsan indide
50 Don't worry Jajrengnabe
51 What do you want? Na.a maiko nanga?
52 What do you mean? Na.a maiko miksonga?
53 What is your problem? Nang neng.nikani mai?
54 What are you talking about? Na.a maiko miksonge aganenga?
55 What a beautiful flower! Aiao bibal silade!
56 What's your aim in life? Na.ara janggi mai kamko miksongenga?
57 What is your father name? Nangpagipani biming mai?
58 What are you thinking? Na.a maiko chanchienga?
59 What are you saying? Na.a maiko aganenga?
60 Thank you Mittela

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