Learn Basic Manipuri Phrases & Words (English to Manipuri)

 Manipuri language belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language family. It is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India, with 1.5 million speakers as of 2011.

Learn basic manipuri language

Basic Greetings in Manipuri

Let’s learn basic phrases and words in Manipuri. Like “Hello” or “How are you?” When you meet your friends. If you know a few words you just show that you have made a little effort.

  • Hi/Hello - Khurumjari
  • Good morning - ꯈꯨꯔꯨꯝꯖꯔꯤ
  • How are you? - Nungairibo?
  • What is your name? - Nangi ming kari kouge?
  • Nice to meet you - Nahak thengnaba yamna nungaire
  • You’re welcome - Lengsinbirak o
  • Good night - ꯒꯨꯗ ꯅꯥꯏꯠ
  • Bye - Chatcharge!

10+ Basic Manipuri phrases

Besides greetings. There are some useful Manipuri phrases and words.

No. English Manipuri
1 Hi/hello Khurumjari
2 How are you? Nungairibo?
3 I am fine Eihag nungairi
4 What is your name? Nangi ming kari kouge?
5 My name is Sanaton Eigi ming Sanaton kouge
6 You are so beautiful Nangse phajei
7 What are you doing? Adom kari toubiri bage?
8 I am busy Ei thabak chile
9 Who are you? Nang kanano?
10 Where are you from? Nang kari lamdagino?
11 Do you love me? Nang eibu nungsibra?
12 I love you Ei nangbu nungsi
13 Good night ꯒꯨꯗ ꯅꯥꯏꯠ
14 Thank you Thangatchari

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