Khasi Sentences Used in Daily Life | English to Khasi Translation

 Khasi language belongs to the Austroasiatic language family spoken by Khasi people in the Northeast Indian state of Meghalaya. According to the 2011 census, Khasi had 1 million native speakers.

In this article, we will learn Khasi-language words and phrases with their pronunciation in English. Here is a collection of useful phrases in the Khasi. Below, you'll find a list of common Khasi words and phrases which you should learn.

Khasi daily used sentences - Khasi language
Khasi sentences used in daily life

Khasi Sentences Used in Daily Life

No. English Khasi
1 Hi/Hello Khublei
2 What is your name? Phi kyrteng kumno?
3 My name is Baogli Nga kyrteng Baogli
4 How are you? Phi long kumno?
5 I am fine Nga biang
6 How old are you? Phi la don katno snem?
7 I am 10 years old Nga ladon 20 snem
8 Where do you live? Phi sah shaei?
9 I live in Shillong Nga sah ha Shillong
10 Where are you going? Phin leit shaei mynta?
11 I am going to market Ngan leit shaiew
12 What are you buying? Phin leit thied aiu?
13 You are so beautiful Phi bhabriew bha
14 Don't look at me Wat peit ianga
15 Don't worry Wat khuslai
16 Where are you? Phi don shaei?
17 I am at home Nga don haing
18 What are you doing? Dang leh aiu?
19 I am eating food Nga dang bam
20 I am hungry Nga thangan
21 I am happy Nga sngewkmen
22 I am sad Nga sngewsih
23 I am busy Nga bunkam
24 See you tomorrow Sa kynduh lashai
25 Good night Thiahsuk
26 Good morning Step ba kmen
27 I'm sorry Nga wan slem
28 Do you love me? Phi ied ai nga?
29 I love you Nga ied ai phi
30 Have a nice day Ka sngi bakmen ia phi
31 Nice to meet you Sngewtynnad ban iakynduh iaphi
32 I miss you Nga kynmaw ied iaphi
32 Thank you Khublei

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  1. Where are you from translate. Khasi

  2. Run at idle speed for a minute after starting and before stopping..please translate to khasi

  3. I love you = ' ñga ieid ïa phi' not 'ai'

  4. Ka lah ban jia hakawei ka sngi

  5. Dang Don shibun ki jingbakla, sa pynbeit noh kham kloi.

  6. how do you say " i like you " in Nyishi language

  7. How do you say “bynnud” in english?

  8. Srl. 28 and 29 in khasi language s wrong 'ia' not 'ai' please make correction


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