12 Basic Greetings in Assamese

 If you searching for basic greetings in Assamese then this article is just for you. Let’s start with the basic Assamese words!

Greetings in Assamese language

Basic Greetings in Assamese

Remember these valuable ways to say “Hello” to “See you later!” in Assamese. When you meet your

friends. If you know a few words you just show that you have made a little effort..

  • Hi/Hello - Namaskar

  • Good morning - Xuprabhat!

  • How are you? - Apunar kene?

  • Take care! - Nijor jotna lowk

  • What’s your name? - Apunar naam ki?

  • You’re welcome - Apunak swagatom

  • Nice to meet you - Apunak log pai bhal lagil

  • Good night - Śubha ratri

  • Goodbye - Vidai!

  • See you later - Apunak pasot log pam!

I hope it'll definitely help you to learn Assamese language. If anything needs to be corrected in this post please let me know. Your suggestions are more important to me. Click here to contact me.

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