A Complete List of Gupta Kings and Their Reign (3rd-6th Century) | Gupta Empire

 The Gupta Empire was an ancient Indian empire that ruled large parts of northern, central, and western India between the early 3rd century (approximately) to the early 6th century. Its dynasty known as the “Golden Age of India” because of the many achievements are made during this period. In this article, we will know the Gupta dynasty kings' name and their reign period list. Here we are giving the list of Gupta rulers and their reigns for your general awareness.

The List of Gupta Kings and Their Reign

In the Gupta dynasty, there were at least 11 rulers from beginning to end. These are:

No. Kings Name Reing
1 Chandragupta I 319-335 CE
2 Samudragupta 335-375 CE
3 Chandragupta II 375-415 CE
4 Kumaragupta I 415-455 CE
5 Skandagupta 455-467 CE
6 Purugupta 467-473 CE

7 Kumaragupta II Kramaditya 473-476 CE
8 Buddhagupta 476-495 CE
9 Narasimhagupta Baladitya 495-530 CE
10 Kumaragupta III 530-540 CE
11 Vishnugupta Chandraditya 540-550 CE

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FAQs on the Gupta Empire

Q.1 Who is the founder of the Gupta empire?

Chandragupta I was the first emperor and founder of the Gupta dynasty.

Q.2 Why is the Gupta Empire called the Golden Age of India?

During their periods, Gupta made many achievements in the fields of arts, science, literature, and much more.

Q.3 What was the Gupta Empire known for?

The Golden Age of India.

Q.4 Who was the last ruler of the Gupta dynasty?

Vishnugupta Chandraditya was the last king of the Gupta (540-550 CE).


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