Explore List of 20+ Names of Birds in Bodo and English

Today, we will learn bird names in Bodo and English with their pronunciation in a delightful way. Birds are very common in our daily lives. Bird names in Bodo, are an important part of learning things. In this article, I’ve collected a comprehensive list of birds named English and Bodo with pictures. Explore the following topics.

25+ birds name with pictures
Bird meaning in Bodo called "Dao".

List of Birds Name in English and Bodo

English Bodo Img.
Parrot Batho Trulli
Peacock Meradao
Duck Hans
Hen Daoju
Pigeon Pharoh
Crow Daokha
Sparrow Skha
Mynah Dao maina
Dove Keglangbide
Crane Vo'longkom
Kingfisher Nalangkhar
Black drongo Phrengadao
Magpie Dao maina
Owl Phesa
Crane Daobu
Hornbill Dhonesh dao
Chicken Daoju
Swan Hans raja
Falcon Siphra baju
Common myna Daosri
Wagtail Vegtail
Ostrich Jathise dao
Osprey Baju
Bat Badumali
Vulture Baju

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