Birds Name in Sanskrit and English with pictures | 20 पक्षिनाम संस्कृते

 Today, we will learn bird's names in Sanskrit and English with their pronunciation in a delightful way. Birds are widespread in our daily lives. Bird names in Sanskrit, are an important part of learning things. In this article, I’ve collected a comprehensive list of 20 birds named English and Sanskrit with pictures. Explore the following topics.

20 पक्षिनाम संस्कृते , birds name in sanskrit pictures

20 Birds Name in Sanskrit

English Sanskrit Img.
Parrot शुकः sukah Trulli
Peacock मयूरः mayurah
Duck हंसः hans
Hen कुक्कुट kukkut
Pigeon कोपातः kopatah
Crow काकः kakah
Sparrow चटका chatka
Dove कपोत kapota
Eagle श्येनः syenah
Kingfisher मीनरङ्गः minarangah
Owl उलूकः ulukah
Crane सारसः sarasah
Hornbill प्रियात्मज priyatmaj
Swan मरालः maralah
Falcon श्येन syena
Quail वर्तकः vartakah
Myna सारिक sarika
Kite आतायी aatayi
Bat जतुका jatuka
Vulture गृधः gridhah

I hope you have learned to enjoy these bird names in Sanskrit and English. You can also learn to count numbers in Sanskrit.


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