6 Ways To Ask "How Are You?" In Assamese

 Do you want to learn a few new ways to say “How are you?” in Assamese? In this article, You will know exactly how to say how are you? in Assamese and  Here I’ll cover a few ways to use different variations.

How are you? in Assamese (Formal Version)

Let's learn with the formal version of the phrases. You can use it when speaking with strangers or elders.

  1. How are you - Apunar ki khobor? (to male)

We can't leave it. This is one of the most common phrases in the Assamese language and you can use it in any context.

  1. How are you - Tumi bhale asa? (to female)

How are you? in Assamese (Informal Version)

You can use it with family, friends/people like your younger children.

  1. Kenekoi asa?

  2. Kene khobor?

  3. Ki khobor?

  4. Bhalei asa?

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